Real Estate investors and Property Developers | How to build a successful relationship with your construction company

MultiBuild has extensive experience in property refurbishment in Dubai, both in the residential and commercial markets. We provide a fully licensed, high quality and reliable services to real estate investors, property developers and property managers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new investor or managing an extensive portfolio; one of the biggest challenges can be managing contractors. Since repairs and renovations are an inevitable part of actively investing and managing real estate, it’s important to ensure you have a strong working relationship with a professional construction company like MultiBuild who work to exacting standards, are familiar with all the local legislation and regulations and will take the strain of refurbishing and maintaining your projects. A strong relationship will not only save you stress, time and hassle but will also save you money and assure you that projects are completed on time and on budget with full certification on completion.

If you can say YES to any of these – you need MultiBuild:

  • You are short on time.
  • You have a lot of projects going on at once.
  • You simply aren’t a great project manager.

MultiBuild is the right contractor for the job

MultiBuild are general contractors who take your project from concept, through creation to completion manager overseeing the entire project, with a Western management team and inhouse team of qualified and fully vetted technicians. Once you have worked through your first couple of projects together, we are up to speed on what you require and the finishes and standards you expect from a development project.

Project briefs become simpler, easier, ways of working and project updates and staged reviews are quickly established, lines of reporting and management become embedded and you can rely on us working to the brief leaving you free to do what you do best. We agree property site visits and you are always welcome to drop in on the property to ensure the project and works are going to plan. I like to do both scheduled and random drop-ins, which lets the contractor know I’m watching and can stop by at any time.

We work  with investors and real estate professionals at relationship rates. Prices are more reasonable because we are focused on continued, repeat business and will charge slightly less as we place value on the relationship. Before contracting to work with MultiBuild we recommend you do your due diligence. Check out our experience, our website, our portfolios, testimonials for previous clients and of course more importantly review that we have the proper local licenses to do the work.

The MultiBuild contract

We insist on having a well-written, concise, clear, and thorough contract.

Our contracts include, but are not limited to:

  • Project location/address, start date, and end date.
  • Parties involved with business addresses.
  • Scope of work that includes plans, and a comprehensive list of all work to be completed.
  • Insurance and license requirements — releasing you from any liability from an injury on the job.
  • Payment terms, including how much the entire job is and when and how payments will be released.

MultiBuild Gantt chart management process

Our Gantt chart management process is transparent and helps us monitor and track the day to day progress of each individual job and is great for investors/developers who have multiple projects going at one time or have assistants who help monitor projects for them.

Our Gantt chart keeps all parties informed at every stage of the project, reminders and updates and check-ins, or follow-ups if needed. It also allows us to work together and minimise wasted time and maximise project performance.

If you would like to hear how we can support your build and expand your real estate or property development/management business please give us a call.

We would love to discuss the opportunity to work with you.

Our Whatsapp: +971553568722

Contact us anytime for further discussions.

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